Infrared heating replaces direct-heating convectors not only when reconstructing older houses, but mainly in new buildings where the choice of customers’ is directed exclusively towards this type of heating before other heating systems, generally for the reasons mentioned below:

- low acquisition costs

- low operating costs

- good controllability

- maintenance-free - no maintenance costs

- long life

- carefree

- safety

Low acquisition costs - not just the offer price itself, including fast and cheap installation, but also other related costs speak favourably for this system’s advantage:
- electricity is a part of every household, so there is no need for additional connections, as is the case with gas,

    - electric heating doesn’t require a chimney

    - site - electric heating doesn’t require building a boiler room or fuel depot such as coal, wood or biomass.

    - low weight heating panels

Low running costs - the opinions expressed by most family house builders or developers says it all, they have been able to verify the heating costs on their buildings and today they recommend electric heating in the first place, even though they can sell a family house or flat with a more expensive heating system.

Good controllability - precise electronic regulation in every room allows you to react very flexibly to room temperature development, without unnecessary accumulation and overheating as is the case with underfloor heating systems and water heating systems. Often, in the heating season, the sun warms our living spaces without a need for heating, while the digital controlled infra-panels react very quickly, the accumulated water systems and the concrete in the floor still emit heat, even when it is no longer needed and the room overheats.

Maintenance-free - no maintenance costs - unlike wall-mounted water or electric convectors these products don’t have parts where dust can enter, they’re not subject to further revisions in households, such as gas, fire and flue gas heating systems.

High durability – regulators have a life of at least 15 years and radiant panels 30 years

Carefree - you don’t need to call a service technician or an inspector on a regular basis, which is the case with gas, solid and liquid fuel boilers. You don’t need to order fuel, handle fuel and store fuel as with boilers and stoves. Everything is controlled by reliable programmable regulation - carefree.

Safety - there is no risk of explosion or being poisoned by gases and flue gases, the bodywork is made of a grounded steel casing, which in case of a failure immediately leads to a short circuit in the ground and sorts out the belaying elements before the voltage or current can rise to values endangering the life and health of users.

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