infrared panels

infrared panels

infrared panels – the infrared panels are made for ceiling and wall mounting. Shapes and surface finishes fit in well with interiors and complement them in a convenient way. The technical design and years of experience in regard to producing these heaters have led us to provide a 5-year warranty on these products.

Infrared heating

ceiling mounting - if ceiling height of 2.4 m and above allows it, we recommend this installation in terms of effective temperature distribution in the room and mainly due to maximum suppression of the convection component, which is higher for wall-mounted infrared panels

wall mounting - is recommended where, for whatever reason, the infrared panel can’t be placed on the ceiling or in very well insulated houses where the ceiling height is up to 2.4 m and the heat loss below 30W/m². The infra-panels are best placed in the lower third of the room so that radiation radiates to the inner walls not cooled by the outside temperature (for example, under windows same as radiators and convectors)

QUARTZ - the surface finish is made of acrylic paint with quartz sand. The advantage of this treatment is the efficiency of infrared beam radiation, which is higher than with conventional powder paint surfaces.

GLATT3 - the surface finish consists of a coarse powder paint structure (so-called orange peel), good surface washability is advantageous, especially when using a wall-mounted panel in lower parts where abrasion could occur due to people walking past.

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