Infra Power Plate - RUND

The design of RUND panels with Quartz and Glatt3 finishes is a design accessory for any household and there is no risk of being hit by a sharp edge when hung from the wall.

Common information for all types: voltage 230V, protection IP 44, power cable with plug 1.9m.

model W dimension (mm)
RUND 450 Quartz 450 Ø750*22
RUND 750 Quartz 750 Ø1000*22
RUND 1000 Quartz 1000 Ø1150*22
model W dimension (mm)
RUND 450 Glatt3 450 Ø750*22
RUND 750 Glatt3 750 Ø1000*22
RUND 1000 Glatt3 1000 Ø1150*22
RUND - Quartz
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